How It All

Provide natural snacks to inspire healthy and better living.

Snack Smart!

Healthy snacks for the busy and adventurous. Join the crowd who are snacking smarter!

Our Mission

Gracious Goodness inspires healthy, fulfilling lives with quality all-natural food products.

Our Quality

At Gracious Goodness, we’re committed to sourcing wisely and creating products that are honest, pure, and free from harmful additives. Our snacks provide a natural, nutritious, and delicious option that everyone can enjoy.

Grab & Go

Every packet is full of goodness. A perfect treat and a wonderful way to have fruits and vegetables on-the-go!

What sets us apart


First Singapore brand of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables.


We source our fresh produce entirely from Thai farms.

Pure Goodness

Our snacks have no added sugar, preservatives, nasties and are never fried. The quality is unmatched. Taste the difference!


Made from whole fruits and vegetables, never from purees.

Healthy Bites

Find recipes, events, and helpful tips on nutrition, wellness and a balanced lifestyle.